Erik Duijsens

Erik Duijsens media

Operating from Central Florida, I am passionate about visual storytelling. I specialize in creating captivating visual narratives, whether it’s capturing events, showcasing properties, or enhancing brand identities. Collaboration is essential to me, as I enjoy working with clients who also value impactful visual storytelling. My portfolio demonstrates my adaptability and showcases the universal language of visual storytelling. Choosing Erik Duijsens Media means selecting a dedicated creative partner who will bring your unique narrative to life. Let’s embark on a visual journey together and create captivating experiences. Thank you for considering Erik Duijsens Media, where creativity has no bounds and storytelling knows no limits.

Laurin Mcglothlin

Laurin, the invaluable senior editor and assistant at Erik Duijsens Media, is a linchpin in the team’s pursuit of excellence. With an acute eye for detail, Laurin plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every piece of content that leaves the studio meets the highest standards. Her commitment to perfection is not just a professional trait but a personal passion, evident in the seamless flow and polished finish of each project she handles. Punctuality is a mantra for Laurin; deadlines are not just met but exceeded with finesse.

As a collaborative spirit, she thrives on the dynamics of teamwork and understands the intricate balance required in the creative process. What truly sets Laurin apart is her unwavering dedication to going above and beyond for the client. Whether it’s meticulously fine-tuning an edit, crafting engaging narratives, or providing thoughtful insights, Laurin’s commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled. Her role extends beyond the title, embodying the spirit of a creative partner who ensures that the client’s vision is not only realized but elevated. Laurin’s meticulous approach and genuine passion make her an indispensable asset to Erik Duijsens Media, where her contribution transforms each project into a masterpiece.

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